Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WIP Wednesday #12

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshley Pieced - thanks Lee - this weekly summary really helps in identifying what I've actually done (and still to do) - although the last time I linked up was 16th November last there's some progress to report!

I also love having a look at what others are doing - it provides so much inspiration - there is a seriously large group of very clever people out there.

I did some sewing for Christmas..

pj's x 3, boardies, a pincushion, a cushion cover, 2 stuffed dollies, a matching bag, journal cover and a little drawstring bag, and a frock for my ma-in-law

Made a skirt for me..

7 bags and pouches (other than christmas ones)

2 do.Good stitches blocks...

a Quilting Australia Bee block...

2 baby quilts with matching soft baskets...

14 Farmers wife blocks....

total finished is now 72, so 39 to go

put the hexy quilt together and am now working on the 2nd border...

loaded and started quilting the batik medallion...

made a journal cover for me...

started knitting a pair of socks..

and completed the first 4 of the QAYGFMQQA blocks...

I've decided to review my list of stuff I'm reporting on to keep it more in line with the winter/summer stitching lit - but not tonight - I'll do that when I post my progress against that list, maybe tomorrow...

Jump into Lee's blog (button on the right) and see what everyone else is up to...


  1. Wow! You've been super busy. Have you slept?? I'm in love with your hexagons.

  2. The hexy quilt is comming along nicely! And I totally envy your free motion skills...

  3. Wow, that you are one busy sewer!! So many lovely projects.

  4. I can't believe how much you've got done! It's all looking wonderful!

  5. I'm in awe of how well the stripes line up in the second do. Good block! Great attention to detail :)

  6. wow! Great projects! love your farmers wife blocks, I really need to get back to mine!

  7. I love all your projects! I think my favorite is the hexy quilt. Amazing!

  8. wow, you have done so much! Your hexie quilt is looking fantastic and love your fmq

  9. Wow, you have been sooooo busy, you've put me to shame.
    I absolutely love your hexie quilt, it's looking fabulous.

  10. Lol, mid November? That has been a while! You've got loads done though, well done!

  11. Am truly awed - what a lot you've achieved! Particularly like the FMQ - I have been a bit slack in my efforts with this project :(
    Your skirt is great - I am lovin' grey at the moment (It matches what's finally happening to my hair)

  12. Your hexie quilt is great. And those red and white FW blocks--awesome. Also loved all your pouches. Beautiful work--and lots of it!

  13. Man you have been one buys woman!! I love your farmers blocks. The red and white is so classic, yet very modern. I had originally wanted to pick a color and carried that through the quilt. However I ended up going scrappy. I can't wait to see the progress continue :)

  14. do you ever sleep? Or do you sew in your sleep? Love your skirt - very nice - would love to be able to make my own clothes. I love your bag too - I've been searching for a bag to take on flights - but can't find one - now I am thinking perhaps I should just make my own.


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