Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vintage - who me??

One my do.Good Stitches circle has a really inspirational blog - always seems to be trying something new and creating, and sharing, her gorgeous items.  So I was having a read of Jo's blog before Christmas and immediately thought about the vintage linens my ma-in-law has given me - I don't use them at all and they sit in the linen press patiently waiting for an airing - I can't throw them out as most of them my ma-in-law actually made and the work(wo)manship is just amazing.

So I retreived one - and made a journal cover - I love having journal covers on all my notebooks - I've got a few, all for different reasons, and I use them on a daily basis.  Usually I play around with fabric, stitches and bits for a new cover but this time, I shamelessly copied Jo's idea...

front - the strawberry motif is machine appliqued and then stuffed a la trapunto - the colours scream 1950's!


This journal is what I'm using to jot down thoughts, action plans and business plans for the new ventures this year - so it's already well used!

If you have a go, make sure you link back so we can see how clever you are.....


  1. Great use of linens you wouldn't be using otherwise. I have some embroidered tableclothes moldering at the bottom of a chest somewhere. I should drag those out one day and see what possibilities they give me.

  2. Great idea, it looks lovely.


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