Friday, 27 January 2012

TGIFF - a finish - woo hoo!!

On Wednesday I loaded a quilt top that has been languishing in my UFO tub for over 2 years.  One of the reasons, (the main one really) was because it needed specific custom quilting rather than an edge-to-edge pattern and I'm afraid my skills just weren't up to it 2 years ago....and while I won't win a prize at any time soon, I've custom quilted the top, made and just finished sewing on the binding - this was after a bit of a disaster which saw my bff and I unpicking some seriously embarrassing quilting lines from a row of flying geese (what a bff - comes over for a barby for Oz day and spends an hour or so helping me unpick!).

So here is 'Which way to go'

The photo doesn't really do justice to the richness of the colours

The centre mariners compass is foundation pieced and came from a 2nd hand magazine given to me by my bff's mum - from the 1970's.  I also foundation pieced the flying geese as 2 years ago, my geese results where less than satisfactory - in fact, they were so bad the poor geese would have had no chance setting off on their migration nor escaping the hunter's gun, so seriously were they deformed!

Just about all the batiks came from Bali - my husband and I (Queenly wave) went to Bali for a wedding a couple of years ago and I came home with about 50 metres for around $2 a metre - so even though this quilt fnished at around 80" square, there's still quite a lot of batik left in my stash - and I'm not a huge fan of it anymore - well, not of quilts made exclusively of batik fabrics - I do like to add them to quilts made from patterned quilters cottons - they don't stop the eye as solids sometimes do.

I got a bit excited in the centre and quilted pebbling - this is one of my most favourite finishes..

This quilt was in my Winter/Summer sewing list so that's another job jobbed..woo hoo to that too!

I'm linking up with Lynn of What a hoot who is hosting TGIFF today so go and see what other Friday finishes have finished..


  1. lovely finish!
    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog too ;-)

  2. This is absolutely stunning!

  3. Oh wow what a fabulous finish. I don't mind a bit of batik mixed in with other quilters cotton, and if it is not multi coloured. There are some beautiful batiks out there, and there are some horrors. It's funny how your tastes change quite dramatically over a short period of time isn't it.
    This looks wonderful and was well worth finishing it.

  4. This is looking fabulous! Well worth all the work :)

  5. Wow! This is spectacular! (Yeah, don't you hate how difficult it is to get a camera to see fabrics correctly?) I think it's fun that we both had long-term finishes today that have taken so long because we needed to gain the necessary quilting skills. Here's to moving forward! :D

  6. Glad your bff was able to help you out there. I have yet to tackle a goose in flight, never mind a flock of them!

  7. Yay for you! Your quilt is beautiful and you did a great job with the FMQ. Isn't it great to finish something that might have been too challenging before? Congrats! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  8. Hi. What a stunning quilt. I really love batiks - this is very nicely done. Congratulations on your finish :)

  9. Beautiful! I love batiks and am piecing a batik quilt right now. I am glad you got this out and finished it. It's really stunning.

  10. I love the pebbling you've done around the mariners compass! Congrats on the finish.
    You had me chuckling over your australa day activity :)

  11. That is one beautiful quilt! Bet it feels great to have it out of the UFO pile. Congratulations! :o)


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