Completed quilts.......

So far in 2013...

34. Apple bugs

35. Duck walk

36. Picnic

2012 saw a few UFO's finished as well as some new stuff...

33. Charlie's quilt

34. Citrus (oops, this is just the flimsy - it's definitely finished..)

35. Crossed

36. Dancing with the stars

37. Ice Age

38. The General

39. Tom's quilt

40. Which way to go? (and this has another border on it, and it's finished and gifted)

In 2011, a little more effort was put into the photos towards the end of the year, but the names were still a little dodgy.......

24. Aegean Dream (omg, what a name!!)

25. Baby pastel

26. Campbell's I Spy

27. Charm Star

28. Goo Goo Socks

29. Jewelled promise

30. Shirt off yer back

31. Stella's Samplers

32. Whirleygig II

In 2010, output increased, but the photos didn't get any better...

15. ABC, when I was wee...

16. Bali Firestorm

17. Bleached


19. Magic Carpet

20. Maleny Magic

21. Oriental Courtyard

22. Sorbet

23. Whirleygig I

A less productive year in 2009.....

12. Bella

13. For Aline

14. Sid

From 2008..............

5. Diamonds are a girls best friend
6. Going for Green

7. Orient Express

8. Small Fry

9. 'Specially Elegant

10. Road to Shiraz

11. Tutti Frutti

From 2007 (when I went to the dark side) we have...

1. First Take; the start of the obsession

2. Christmas is Coming

3. Purple Haze

4. Sugar 'n' Spice


  1. I love al your quilts. I hope one day to become as good as you. Greetings. Martha

  2. Do you have quilting books 📚, if so where may I purchase one?

  3. Do you have quilting books 📚, if so where may I purchase one?


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