Monday, 23 January 2012

De-cluttering, the weekend just gone and more Farmers

I was catching up online and reading Helen's Archie's Blog and she's got a fantastic idea - she got it from Di, who got it from her sister Geri....and no doubt there'll be heaps of folks adding a 'LIKE' button on their blogs to reduce the amount of wordsmithing - you know, when you want to acknowledge you've read a post, and enjoyed it, but have nothing really concrete to say about it - I say lame stuff like 'lovely colours', or 'great block' and while I genuinely love whatever it is, lame comments create additional work for the blogger who feels compelled to respond to every comment - even the lame ones!  So, in order to declutter and reduce time spent on the computer when I can be sewing, I'm going to use the 'LIKE' button if it's available and I have nothing pertinent to say - that way the blogger can see their post is appreciated without having to send a reply to me, the bloggee - and I've added one on mine - mine is 'What's not to....' and you click 'LIKE' if you're so inclined - and/or leave a comment obviously - I LURRRRVE those........and Bob is very much your uncle, as Fanny is your aunt...perfick!!

Last Friday, my husband and I (Queenly wave) drove to the Bellarine Peninsula and spent a couple of days with a whole host of folks, including family and friends of family with lots of babies, in a luxurious holiday home complete with lap pool, quad bike and tennis court.  Wow - it was wonderfully relaxing and wonderfully entertaining with all them babies (because I don't have babies at home, I can say that it was the best wake-up call - babies laughing and playing together - not sure their parents would agree!).  My sister, niece and I made a huge roast dinner for 12 adults on saturday night and overall there was a lot of talking, watching tennis, lazing, reading, playing tennis, swimming, quad biking and football (the AFL type - all the blokes were Aussies and have not yet succumbed to the Beautiful Game).  I even managed a spot of stash building at a wonderful LQS called The Naked Sheep (she hasn't got a website yet, but the shop is inside the Gateway Plaza Shopping Centre, 621-659 Bellarine Highway, Leopold 3224) and the service was absolutely sensational - Amanda offered to cut a FQ from any bolt in the shop as well as searched, downloaded and printed a sock pattern for the Noro wool I bought.  So if you're ever in the vicinity, go and check her out.

just picked what I like - nothing much matches!

and already started the socks - easy to do when watching the Tennis
 Before we left for the weekend, I had a bit of a spurt on and made 6 new Farmers blocks, so now I'm up to 72 (wow, only 39 to go....).  The Pine Tree block (no. 67) was a stinker - I had all sorts of issues with the points - I could say it was because I'm using my new machine and the 1/4" foot is really 3/16" and I'm having a couple of issues adjusting from the old 1/4" foot - but good workwomen don't blame their tools and all that - so instead of unpicking I got out the Inktense watercolour pencils and some fabric goo and coloured a couple in - stepping back you can't tell and I won't ever make the block again - not my cup of tea at all......

Top row: 69-Practical orchard, 71-Puss in the corner
Middle row: 72-Railroad, 68-Postage stamp
Bottom row: 67-Pine tree, 70-Prairie queen
I think number 68, Postage stamp is my favourite of these - red, asymmetrical - no wonder the fabulous Rita of RPQ  made a complete quilt using this block.  Now I really must make some more patterns up in EQ for the remaining 39 blocks so I can keep going - not this week though, too many things to prepare for class next week....arrivedeci


  1. Great idea from, umm, who ever started it. I wish I'd read it before I sat down to try to read through over 200 posts that were in google reader after I'd been away for a couple of days. I love reading everyone's blog posts but sometimes i't just too hard to be able to respond with an intelligent comment when I have so many that I want to read through.
    Your couple of days away sound lovely and I love your blocks, they are all fabulous. Great idea for fixing the block, love it!

  2. So you caved :). Welcome back to knitting.
    Great blocks. I don't think I'm fussed on the pine tree block pattern either

  3. EEEkk!!!! Now I am terrified of making that Pine Tree block. You are so creative to think of coloring it in. Mine would have landed on the floor with a foot stomping on top of it a few times. :)

  4. LOL Good idea for cutting back on emails. I agree--sometimes you just LIKE something and don't necessarily have much to say. LOVE LOVE the yarn! Can't wait to see the finished socks. I'm SO into that right now--but it's keeping me from my other crafts! Not enough hours in the day...

  5. Like the like button and thank you for the mention! The Naked Sheep (great name!) sounds like a wonderful shop, such wonderful service! I love the blue square spiral fabric you got - any idea what it is?!

  6. Oooh, sounds like a lovely weekend, and well done on conquering all those farmers' wives. As for the like button, I added one to my blog when they first came out last year. People used them for a couple of weeks, then forgot all about them. Oh well!

  7. Your vacation sounds idyllic--hard for me to keep remembering that it's your summer now. I love the work on your blocks; I have to say that Practical Orchard is one of my favs, and I could see lots of possibilities with that block, too. I'm also so glad to hear that you do what I do--pick a bunch of fabrics at random if for no other reason than you like them (I did a lot of that at Road to California).

    Elizabeth E.

  8. I love #72. And I like the like button idea but right now it is enough getting out of bed and not sitcking a finger up at the day before it has even started!


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