Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Laura posted requirements for the next 2 blocks and yesterday, without having another look at what they're supposed to look like, I had a go.....

This is the spirals block - and I  obviously need a lot more practice - it didn't help that the needle kept skipping stitches now and again  (apparently that means I have to change the needle) - the spirals aren't uniform at all - but as an old Polish fellow once said, "The first pancake is always lumpy" and it just means I have to beat it a bit more....

The 2nd one was supposed to be a stylised and loopy flower - but as I mentioned, I didn't go back to view Laura's, I just remember her post mentioning adding all the elements we've done so far, together (loops, flowers and spirals) - so off I went....and unfortunately, the 2nd pancake is lumpy too..

It looks a bit better from the back....but still looks like the huntsman after I sprayed and sprayed last night!

For all that, I'm enjoying the FMQ on the domestic - it is making a little more adventurous on the long-arm and that's always a good thing!

BTW, look what came for a visit it my house yesterday..

A cormorant decided to stop by - he sunned himself on the rocks next to the pool, then every so often dived in to cool off.  He stayed for about an hour having a high old time then flew off.  We get ducks on the water, minahs, cockies, grassies and wattle birds fly in for a quick drink or a splash, but this is the first time I've seen a cormorant.


  1. Love that you just jump in and do it without reading further. Glad I'm not the only one like that!

  2. Hehe, loved the huntsman comment!
    They look good to me - much better than I could do

  3. I tend to use the blind men and trotting horses theory, you know, if a blind man on a trotting horse wouldn't notice, it's fine? ;o) Sure the FMQ will come more easily. I want to try, but I need a good block of time to devote to it, and I want to take some of my sewing machine lessons before I totally leap in, so I'm hoping later in February I'll be able to really get into it. Hoping...

  4. I think your quilting looks beautiful.

  5. Hey--that flower looks pretty wonderful to me! (love your commenter's observation about blind men and trotting horses!)

    Elizabeth E.


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