Friday, 6 January 2012

FMQQA with Laura

Laura, over at Quokka Quilts, has just launched her Free Motion Quilting Quilt Along - I am already behind the 8 ball having not prepared fabric, or adding the button (will get to that later) - and Laura has asked me, in my capacity as a long-arm quilter, to share a FMQ pattern or two - so I really have to get my skates on and jump right on in.

Fabric is chosen - lots of fat quarters I hand-dyed last year - so I'm off to cut them up and have a crack at the first 2 - will post photos when I've done them!

There'll be a linky thingy on Thursdays for a show and tell - so hop on over, get prepared and have a crack - Laura has created 2 fabulous videos to point you in the right direction and the voice over is very soothing....


  1. Have fun! I want to join in, but I've not tried FMQ on my machine yet, so I'm going to see how I get on this weekend before I go for my free lessons that came with the machine!

  2. Snap! I'm doing a FMQ thingy at the moment, though just a short one for this month. I'm so rubbish at FMQ - but I know it's just practice, practice , practice.......

  3. I'll sit and watch from the sidelines. I've got enough on. But I love watching you juggle!!


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