Friday, 13 January 2012

Christmas sewing

Like just about everyone else, there was quite a bit of Christmas gift sewing (so couldn't be shown prior to Christmas) and my machines certainly got a work out in the couple of weeks leading to the Big Day...

L to R, top row - shorty PJ's, owl pincushion, personalised silky pouch, back of cushion cover, front of cushion cover
bottom row - market bag, journal cover and drawstring pouch, girl dolly, boy dolly, frock, more pj's
I made more pj's (Simplicity pattern) but didn't get a photo - by time they were finished I had to wrap them poste haste - and they were the same as the others, only different fabrics!!  The owl pincushion I saw on someone's blog and I can't for the life of me remember which one and the dollies are Mirabel softies.

The frock was a Burda pattern and was for my ma-in-law - and which I'll get back as she decided she didn't really like it!  Ah well, it'll do a turn at Chez Shocking's.

The return to clothes making prompted a visit to Spotlight during their sale and I bought 5 new patterns, for tops, bottoms and a pretty frock, plus the fabric to make them with - so more sewing in my near future - go figure!!


  1. Wow! Lots of Christmas gifts! You sure were busy! Great job! I love the owl pin cushion!

  2. That owl is so cute.
    Looks like you were very busy pre-xmas. Now it's time to sew for yourself I hope


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