Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Market Survivor...

Well, a combo of aspirin (because the strong painkillers just made me loopy) and antibiotics, a strong dose of adrenalin and excitement and the best wishes and sympathy I received from my gorgeous readers got me through on Saturday - thank you.

The day started a little awry - my bff hadn't seen my face until then so it was a bit of a shock to her - and then we got slightly geographically challenged on the way to the market - I'm blaming that on the 5.30m start!

We set up pretty quickly then it was  matter of waiting for customers and getting to know our stall holder neighbours - both of them were old hands at markets so had a few tips for young players!

The swelling went down as the day progressed so I was looking halfway normal by pack up time.  A strong contingent of friends and family came to wish me luck - and buy something (which was the SWEETEST thing ever! - thank you from the bottom of my heart) - and even wonderful people I didn't know bought as well :)

I think I'm calling it a modest success - I certainly got some lovely feedback and have a better idea of the things I could make and how things could be better displayed (there was a surprising number of questions about what the soft baskets could be used for).  So I'm doing it all again on the 30th March for the Mornington Easter Market.....back to the sewing machine!

On the tooth front, it was removed yesterday and while not completely pain free, it's certainly on the mend.

Thanks again for all your kind wishes - onwards and upwards.......

Friday, 1 March 2013

Timing is everything......

Went to bed last night with a bit of a headache - woke up this morning with half my face inflated like a barrage balloon.

I have an abscess in my gum - the result of ignoring a broken tooth (cos I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to dentists) and now I have the look of someone furtively stuffing her face and not so furtively storing said stuffing in the side of my mouth.  The dentist won't see me and remove the tooth until the swelling has gone down - so that'll likely be Monday - and the doctor has given me an antibiotic jab today and some sooper dooper antibiotics and pain killers to have over the weekend.  The pain killers could have 1 of 2 side-effects - they can make me hyper or they can make me sleepy.  I rarely take painkillers - certainly not sooper dooper ones - so I don't know what to expect.

I have my first market tomorrow morning.

I'm going to look like a rabid squirrel storing her nuts for winter (at best) or comatose under my display table and hoping my bestie can cope with what we hope is an onslaught of buyers.

So if you're coming to Red Hill Market tomorrow, I'm just saying that it's the painkillers - whichever way it goes.....or I go.........