Friday, 6 January 2012

Slowly getting back up to speed............a dance with the Farmer

Well I took a couple of weeks or so off, imposing a technology ban on myself, mostly to complete Christmas sewing, Christmas planning and cooking and then camping planning, packing, actually camping, coming home, unpacking, cleaning camper trailer etc etc - it was quite a lot of activity packed into so few days - and I know I wasn't on my lonesome there either. 

But it's over for another year and now it's 2012 and I have so much to blog about - but I don't want this post to be the bloggy version of War and Peace, so will limit myself to one topic only - and it's good old Farmers Wife.  My previous dance in the Farmers arms was a month ago, so yesterday, in a quest for a little quick gratification, I made 4 blocks...

Block 63 Ozark Maple Leaf

Block 64 Peace & plenty

Block 65 Peaceful hours

Block 66 Periwinkle

...and because I can, I put all 66 blocks made so far onto the design wall for a look see - I didn't put them up very straight, but you get the gist - this is going to be a huge quilt!

only 45 to go - but I won't be able to get many more onto this design wall - must find bigger area...
I guess I really should start thinking seriously about sashing if I want this finished this year - although I do have 12 months...


  1. your blocks look great, the reds and white are a great combination

  2. I love your new blocks and they look lovely with the others!

  3. Your blocks are fabulous! I am liking the Ozark Maple Leaf. Deceptively simple but effective block!

  4. I love your colour scheme. Your quilt is going to look gorgeous.

  5. Well done on your progress with this. The quilt is going to look amazing.

  6. Your blocks are beautiful and I love how you've used a really simple colour scheme but still managed to get good contrast and interest - I love red! I look forward to seeing the whole finished quilt - 12 months is ages!

  7. Well it's not often you can get this much instant gratification from a farmer, and so big too... ;o)

  8. wow, all those blocks look amazing together!

  9. Every time I see them Kay I fall in love with them over again! I love the red and white and I love them all together!!

  10. Beautiful! Both the blocks and the quilt so far.

    What are your thoughts on the sashing do far? Classic white with red cornerstones? Or are you cooking up something else?


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