Monday, 9 January 2012

QAYGFMQQAL - almost sounds like swearing -

which I did - several times - and loudly...

I cut the fabric (I'm using hand-dyed fabric), bordered it in spotlight prima homespun beige, used more hand-dyed fabric for the back, dropped the feed dogs and put the FMQ foot onto the new machine.  Had a quick review of the instructions, put on my el cheapo hy-flex rubber gloves and thread snapped (mumble, mumble).  Took off gloves, unpicked, gloves on, started again, top thread snapped (mumble, MUMBLE).  Gloves off, checked 'troubleshooting' section of instruction book, rethreaded machine, changed the needle, gloves on, started again.....much better, got all the way to the end, not too shabby, til I turned the damned thing over....


Gloves off, unpicked (at least it was easy to unpick), piece now looking like it's spent some time as bedding in the echidna enclosure at the zoo, walked away, poured a wine, sat back at the machine.  Rethreaded (I had missed the all important take up arm - how did I do that?? I've threaded machines forEVER..........)

..........gloves on and then had another crack...

and then another..............

This is so different to using the long-arm - for long-arm quilting, you move the head of the machine and the fabric is held in place by the rollers, not moving.  FMQ on the domestic sewing machine means the machine stays put and the fabric is what moves about - 'encouraged' by the wonderful hy-flex gloves - it's a lot more difficult than I expected (as you can see by the results - those flowers are not supposed to have a spider web in the centre!)

I know it'll get easier and I'll get more accurate as I practise along - and I need to have FMQ skills on the new machine so I can use them for my course (Diploma of Textile Art), which starts in a couple of weeks - so I'll persevere - but the 'blue' cloud created from all the swearing has not yet dissipated in the sewing room, so I may leave it be for a couple of days, think I might go and visit the Farmer...


  1. Rough start but fab finish. I would be thrilled with those flowers!

  2. There you have it: proof that everything looks better after a glass of wine! Glad it was a simple fix! :o) I, too, like the flowers!

  3. Heh, I'm pretty sure Cindy's instructions in her guest post on Laura's blog suggested the wine before you started, that was obviously the issue, leaving it until after you'd had a few attempts ;o) Looked much better by the end though :o)

  4. Your first attempt looks like mine from a class I did last year. The tutor called these fabulous 'features' on the back Eyelashes!
    Keep going - I'm having a go at stippling this afternoon....

  5. I get into a pickle sometimes when I forget to put the presser foot down after moving the quilt around!
    I tried out a long arm last year at the festival of quilts, so much easier to get a pattern done. If only I had the room!
    Good luck on your course, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

  6. Made me laugh! First post on this - whoopee! Flowers look great! But uh oh i think you will kill me over block 4... I may have to rethink...

  7. It's interesting to hear that beong good at the one does not help so much with the other. Glad it all got sorted out though and you've got two great squares there. Love the hand dyed fabric too.

  8. Funny thing is, I looked at the first picture out of the corner of my eye and though - how pretty!


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