Sunday, 29 January 2012

Winter/Summer stitching progress

I think the last couple of posts have just about covered the things I've crossed off my list so far - the remaining ones, which or may not get done because summer has truly arrived and the pool is getting more of a workout then my sewing machine..

  • Dye fabrics using sun, disperse and procion dyes and USE THE FABRIC!

    • using the procion dyed fabric as my base for the QAYGFMQQAL, but haven't yet bought any sun dyes or properly used the dispersed dye 'thing' I started a month ago.  My textiles course starts on the 10th Feb so suspect this item will very much be covered by that

  • Keep up with Oz Bee

    •  first month block completed and sent.  Feb block not yet made but have the instructions - all ok so far..

  • Make Drunkards Path quilt

    • not even on the radar just yet

  • Make layer cake quilt

    • Vacillating between a Momo layer cake and a Cape Ann layer cake - will sort it out soonish I hope

  • Make Sanctuary Squares quilt

    • I'm thinking that the grey and citrus garden quilt fabrics will be used for this quilt as well - as I seem to have accumulated a lot of greys and citrus!  Will have to get off duff and start this soonish too

  • Make Swoon quilt

    • no progress other than I originally thought I'd make this my oz bee block - but have decided against it - might use my terrain gift on this one - still procrastinating..

  • Make grey and citrus garden quilt

    • as above re the sanctuary squares quilt - must get off duff.....

  • Quilt Dancing with the Stars

    • next one to be loaded on the long-arm - haven't done so yet as it needs a good press and it's too hot!
    pop by at FairyFace Designs to see how others are progressing.....


    1. Phew - I know what you mean about the heat: what a summer we're having :) It does make sewing tricky when you're all hot and sweaty!

    2. i'm with you on the too hot! we've had 7 daysof 36-42 with nothing below 26 at night! 33 today is cool change!

    3. Good luck with the rest of your list, hope it cools down for you!

    4. You are way more ambitious than me. I just hope to get through each day vaguely sane!

    5. Ah the summer heat, one of the big reasons I left Australia. Hope you aren't cooking too much.
      And in your odd moments out of the pool, I'm looking forward to seeing a grey and citrus quilt. Sounds lovely


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