Wednesday, 12 October 2011

WIP Wednesday #7

I'm linking with Lee at Freshly Pieced - I didn't get to do it last week because we were away camping, so I have a couple of weeks to show.

I had a great finish - the DWR (recently christened 'Jewelled promise') all bound and labelled and washed and rolled..

blogged about here
I've made 2 more Farmers Wife blocks, bringing my total to 50, so only 61 to go!!

I made a big bag to carry my stuff around for class

 I got my October do.Good Stitches blocks finished and also created and made 12 sampler blocks for my new teaching gig - no photos as yet - will blog about this in a seperate post.

and I'm sure there's lots of other stuff that I haven't mentioned - been quite busy really!

To summarise:


Quilts in Progress:

2 more Farmers Wife blocks completed
Blanket Box Hexies - made another 2 and have 1/2 of another done

No action at all:



Psychedelic tartan - who knows??
Double diamonds - still needs something......
Which way to go - needs quilting
Dancing with the stars - needs quilting
Kimono mini - needs binding
Sashiko qayg - needs finishing!
Red and white challenge - needs properly starting
Whirleygig II - needs quilting

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  1. i love dwr quilts! yours is impressive!

  2. Gorgeous, awesome, wonderful!

  3. Holy smokes, I *love* your double wedding ring quilt. Amazingly gorgeous.

  4. You have been busy, wow! I love the DWR, so beautiful!

  5. Love the gorgeous wedding ring! I bet you feel fabulous about the FQAL! Almost halfway there! :)

  6. Your Jewelled promise is stunning! Great colours! You must be so proud. I'm hosting TGIFF! this Friday at and it would be great if you would link this up to share with others. Cheers, M-R


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