Monday, 10 October 2011

Swap shenanigans and doing Good Stitches

I'm having all sorts of problems with Flickr - I can't seem to get into the groups, or if one finally opens, it's taking, like, forEVer, duh!!

So, thought I'd update here on blogger - hopefully this won't start a go-slow (really must buy a new pc - I think this one is giving up the ghost, notwithstanding issues with Flickr) omg - just reviewed the post - thank goodness - I'd spelt Flickr with a NZ accent - think fush and chups for those who don't know what I'm on - bit of a freudian slip methinks - it's what I think of Flickr just now *evil grin*

So, on with the show....

I made the October blocks for our Cherish circle of do.Good Stitches:

All Kona solids, Snow combined with a) Peacock and b) Tangerine
 And I posted my ideas so far for the Modern Christmas Runner swap at Susan's - there's already a few comments - excellent - because it's all very Secret Squirrel with regard to your partner so you really hope your partner comments, and comments affirmatively!!

We'll see what transpires before cutting out any fabric.....



  1. The mind boggles! I do like the stars though (although I can reveal that I am not your partner as I am not in any swap - hope that doesn't contravene the rules of secrecy?).

    Pomona x


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