Monday, 17 October 2011

Christmas is coming..

So I've been working on my Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap.

My secret partner liked my sketch - which I would really love to say I came up with all by myself - but, I didn't - whilst looking for inspiration, I found a book I'd had for at least 100 Years "A Passion for Patchwork" by Lise Bergene - and flicking through that I found a wonderful project I could adapt, based on my partner's likes and dislike - so win/win really.  I also found a few other things I'd like to make too...

And on saturday I pulled fabrics, heat 'n' bonded, and cut and sewed a little and made this mock up..

then I made a few churn dash blocks - these little cuties are 3" finished, and I'm working with 100% linen so I did question my sanity more than once...

I was sort of hoping after making the first one that I wouldn't really like how it looked against the stars etc....but, I loved it so had to make a few more!

That's it so far - hope you still like it partner.


  1. I love the stars table runner! I may pin this for something in the future. I think your partner will love it! Great job!

  2. This can't be a mock up!? It must be the real thing and it is beautiful!


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