Friday, 14 October 2011

Fabulous friday

I had a couple of lovely surprises through the post - one a beautifully made gift and the other, a challenge.

The gift was made by Rachel of Stitched in Colour - she made journal covers for all the hosts of the do.Good Stitches program she runs, by way of a thank you - and mine is just gorgeous.  Rachel put out the call for the first Aussie host last year and in my new status of Sewing Queen- in-residence, I decided to answer - and I'm so glad I did.  Included in the package was a Stitch magazine (the one with Rachel's Alphabet Soup quilt in it - and several other projects that have now been added to my ever expanding 'to make' list!) and some do.Good Stitches labels.  How wonderful - and so incredibly generous both from a time and effort perspective.  Thank you Rachel - it's my pleasure to be part of such a giving community.

The other lovely surprise came from one of my sisters in the UK.  Heather, who does the most exquisite work, is making a wedding quilt for one of our nephews.  She has sent me 3 of the blocks she's made, along with some additional fabric, so that I can contribute to the quilt - now, whether I have to make 3 blocks or add borders to hers is not entirely clear (emails have been sent!), but suffice to say, whatever I have to do, I'm really chuffed she's asked me.

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday

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  1. How lovely to get an unexpected gift. And to be able to contribute to your nephew's quilt.


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