Friday, 21 October 2011

Focus, I say, focus....EDITED after reading a few other lists!

I've decided to link up with Sarah of FairyFace Designs in order to get some of my focus back, and join her Winter Stitching - there's so much going on and I've got so many things I want to do that I'm getting a bit of creative paralysis - you know when you walk into your sewing room, look around, pick up some fabric, put it down, walk into the study, turn on pc, lose 5-6 hours..........

...but of course, the only thing is that for us here in Oz, it's coming into Summer so I'm going to do Winter Summer Stitching instead.

So, on my list for the next few months - and bearing in mind there'll be all sorts of distractions, like lazing by the pool, throwing prawns and steak on the barby, sipping mango daiquiris (or, as I was just made aware, raspberry mojitos - yummmm), snoozing under the air-con - you get my drift.....

The official Winter Summer Stitching list:

  1. Quilt at least 3 of my UFO's (Batik medallion, Dancing with the Stars and Whirleygig II)
  2. Make grey and citrus 'garden path' quilt
  3. Make Sanctuary Squares quilt
  4. Stitch at least 16 more hexagons
  5. Make a skirt for me using the fabric pack I bought from Kelani
  6. Make 7 more pouches and put them all on Etsy
  7. Make at least 1 layer cake quilt
  8. Make at least 20 more Farmers Wife blocks
  9. Make a swoon quilt
  10. Make a Drunkards path quilt
  11. Complete my Modern Christmas Tablerunner and post to my secret partner
  12. Keep up with newly joined Oz Bee (and work out what I want when it's my turn)
  13. Dye fabrics using sun dyes, disperse dyes and usual procion dyes - the USE THE FABRIC!
This list maybe just a little optimistic given the abovementioned distractions - but at least I can focus on getting these done and can feel like I've accomplished something.

Thanks Sarah - this is a great idea - I'm going to see if I can add this list to my side-bar so it reminds me everytime I log on - I can feel those juices stirring already!!



  1. I'm very reassured by how many other people have got 'finish projects already started' on their lists. At least it's not just me!

    It looks like you're going to be having a productive winter, sorry, summer ;) Hope you get stuff done despite the distractions!

  2. It's easy for time to fly by faster with all those distractions! Good Luck with your list, I love the swoon block so I look forward to seeing that!

  3. Love your summery winter list - it`s going to be a great summer for you. Good luck in getting as much as you can or want done.

  4. Good Luck !! You can do it!! Hugs

  5. Are you planning on sleeping at all?! Love the sound of lots of your projects and I can't wait to see how you get on - good luck!

  6. I'll be right over there for one of those mojitos, to hell with the sewing... ;o)

  7. Great list but I fail to see the daiquiri making lesson on there that we discussed!!

  8. Seeing as 13 is an unlucky number I can help you round your list of things to do up to 14 if you like? Hehehehehe!

  9. Hehe my list looks more lime finish, finish, finish!

  10. Ah go away, you are just making me jealous with your talk of barby's and daiquiris and mojitos. I so want a bit of sun... I'll swap you rain and wind and gloom for one sip of that daiquiri!! Your list sounds great - I want to do a Drunkard's path quilt too - plus a layer cake one. Will be keeping a close eye :-) Thanks for linking up!

  11. WOW, all of that in the Summer! Impressive! Can't wait to see some of them.

  12. Lots of great sewing projects to get through this winter/summer!!


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