Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Birdies on the wing - FWQA

After a simply glorious Melbourne spring day I came inside to make the next 2 Farmers blocks - both birdy references and both 'hovering' and given they are very similar, I made them together - the second one came together easier than the first, although I didn't really have any issues with either of them.

The one on the left is Block 51, Hovering Birds and the one on the right, Block 52, Hovering Hawks.  I'm almost half way through the blocks - 2 more will see me just past that point and I'm starting to think about sashing etc - and it does my head in!

Here's how they're looking all together (via EQ6)

Half of me wants to push on and get those white spots filled................and the other half thinks, "meh!" - soooo much other stuff to do..

I'm liking the idea of a list - Susan at Canadian Abroad is making a winter stitching list - but here Downunder I'll have to make a summer stitching list - although it must have lots of time for lazing by the pool, and barbeques, and mango daiquiris, and snoozing under the air-con........


  1. Oooo, I haven't had daiquari in years. Nice frozen strawberry one will do me fine. I am sure you could link with Sarah's post on Thursday and make a point of the beach, barbeque thing just so all of us here in the northern hemisphere would be jealous!

  2. Your FWQ is looking great. I vote for just doing the blocks as you feel like them, making it a longer term project.
    Oh, and one day instead of a mago daiquari, you should try a raspberry mojito. They are very tasty, plus they match your red-white quilting theme :)

  3. I envy that you are looking forward to summer...it's winter dead ahead here in Northern California!

    I am loving your layout. It's time to fire up the EQ and start mine, since the mosiac maker at bighugelabs.com limits you to a maximum of 36 photos.

    I have the "hovering" bird blocks as my next two blocks. Love the way yours turned out!


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