Wednesday, 26 October 2011

new 'puter

I've got a new computer - it's a HP and runs Windows 7 - it's soooooo much quicker than my last one - but I still have to transfer all the stuff from the old one to the new one........and I've discovered why having a good clean out of the study and tossing all those boxes and cd's and rego numbers is not such a good idea......I think my new pc will be running a few less programmes than before..........


  1. Oops :)

    But yeah, windows 7 is much faster. They did something to speed up the read/write which is where you really notice it.

  2. Lucky girl - though I don't envy you having to transfer and rearrange all your old stuff.

  3. That's why himself has charge of all IT related items. If they go missing he can only yell at himself and tell himself how much they cost to replace!


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