Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Farmers Wife and other distractions

I'm supposed to be writing my lesson plan and handouts for my first, formal teaching gig tomorrow night - I'm teaching a sampler (12 blocks, 12" finished, modern style) - and I have been Queen Procrastinator both yesterday and today...

I made all the blocks for the sampler I'm going to teach - although really, I had to do these!  One of the blocks is a 9 patch so  I made 2 more to show how versatile these blocks are (Disappearing 9 Patch etc) Another is Dutchman's Puzzle

I kept checking on Flickr, which, this evening, finally started to play nicely................I read a few blogs.................. I decided I needed a huge bag to carry my supplies to and from class, so I found some scraps (the Santorini range from Tula Pink) and stitched them all together, stitched some odd pieces of batting together, made a quilted piece of fabric, added pockets and handles and now I have a bag,

Then I thought I really must get to those lesson plans........so I made a couple of Farmers Wife blocks - this makes 50 all up - only 61 to go...

Block 49, Honeycomb and Block 50, Honey's Choice - my favourite
 .....but it's now 8.30pm and I have run out of excuses - and time, as tomorrow I have appointments virtually all day - so I'm going to post this and go and do my lesson plan - I wouldn't mind, but I know as soon as I get the structure I'll be fine........

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  1. You procrastinate as well as I do - though I seldom make bags procrastinating. I usually just sit and eat!! Lovely bag!


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