Saturday, 8 October 2011

On line again

Just got back from gorgeous few days (albeit cold) camping in Daylesford - we went with my sister-in-law Robyn, and her husband - and it was very relaxing.  Robyn is the lady who brought me to the 'dark side', igniting my love for all things quilty, so we have a lot in common - not least of which I'm married to her brother!

We spent a lot of time travelling around the district, with visits to Trentham - and the wonderful RedBeard Bakery.  I can thoroughly recommend this bakery - the bread is divine (and the chocolate flourless cake) and we've decided we'll visit again and take in a workshop - I already make sourdough bread from a starter that's been going for some time - but I don't get the same results as these guys so a little tuition is in order - but damn, there goes that diet again!

Once we'd had coffee at the bakery, the men went their way (hot rods or some such foolery) and Robyn and I went ours.  We went to Ballan first up, specifically to visit Mill Rose Cottage Patchwork, but they're not open on Tuesdays (but I got there later in the week!) so then we went to Ballarat.  We went to two patchwork shops here - Ballarat Patchwork where I got this little lot.  I love coming here - it's bright, full of modern fabrics and the owner, Emma, is an extremely talented designer:

some more reds for my FWQA, greys for a garden quilt I want to make and orange apples cos I liked them
 Next stop was Gail's Patchwork Emporium - a beautiful bluestone cottage filled to the rafters with fabric, books and notions - it was difficult to know where to start, but I persevered and bought this:

A linen fabric for pouches, a grey ashiko print for my bff, reds for my hexy quilt, a green christmas print that I thought I could use in the Table Runner swap - but after stalking I've discovered my partner doesn't like christmas prints, so into the stash with the rest.
 Then off to Lambley nursery - Robyn saw a photo of a beautifully planted bank that she thought would look perfect at her place - so we went to be inspired and possibly find the plants they used.  It's a gorgeous place and well worth the visit.

So, back to the campsite and a glass of wine and nibblies before dinner (we're very civilised!).

Rob and Robyn went home the next day, so Lloyd and I had a wander around Daylesford - we hadn't been there for years and there's quite a few changes.  Daylesford also has a patchwork shop, Threadneedle Craft, which stocks beautiful wools and embroidery threads.  This came home with me:

Some more greys for a garden quilt - have enough now so can start this one, a red for FWQA, christmas charm squares for christmas gifts and a couple of stash buys.
 Back at the campsite I got out my hexy sewing and made a couple more:

New hexies, top left and middle bottom - also thinking these would be better sashed rather than exactly next to each other - will have to have a play with the arrangement when Ive got a few more.

On the way home, we went via Ballan and Mill Rose - omg, gorgeous place, beautiful setting and the fabric - wow.  I could have happily bought the shop out, but bank balance and disapproving noises from my husband limited the spend to these:

Some French General in blues and a larger piece for my hexy quilt, some Fossil Ferns (love these), a little more red for FWQA, some Liberty (my fave), orange dots and linen for a pouch or two and a charm pack of Little Apples
I was one happy camper (har har)

A late breakfast/early lunch (brunch then) at Mill Cottage next door and off home to unpack and degunge the trailer etc etc.

House still standing (thank you son of mine), animals all alive and then back into the sewing room for me - the next few days I'm concentrating on getting my lesson plans and samples ready for my first formal teaching gig which starts next week - 10 weeks worth of sampler quilt, 1/4" seams, pressing and other basics to a new and enthusuastic bunch of women ready to take on the quilty world - eeeeeek!


  1. Woooo sounds like a fabulous time, and a great haul!!! I have visited Emma at Ballarat Patchwork but not been to the others, I think I need to plan a trip!! xo

  2. Seriously good fabric haul. If I knew that camping would take me to all those fabric shops I would be gone in a shot!


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