Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WIP #4

We had a few birthdays this week (my sister, my neice and my eldest son)  and Fathers Day on sunday so there's been celebrations and family get togethers along with too much cake!  Outstanding!

So, onto WIP's - I've decided to add a new category - UFOUFN's (Unfinished Flippin' Objects Until Further Notice - so these are things that I'm not actively working on, nor expecting to in the near future).....

Omnitrix bag (although this wasn't on the list last week, I'm still claiming it!)

Cam hanging onto the Omnitrix bag for dear life!(blogged here)
Stella modelling the frock I made her for her 2nd birthday (blogged here)

Quilts in progress:
Do.Good Stitches quilt for the Cherish circle - made 2 more blocks for a missing member, put the top together, decided against a border, sourced a backing, loaded onto long-arm and quilted with an E2E pattern.  I've also cut the strips for the binding, but haven't yet sewn them together - that's for tomorrow.

Baby quilt - pieced the back, quilted on the long-arm and then small areas of hand quilting completed - just needs binding (all ready cut out) and labelling

Hand quilting using Perle 12 threads on these patches only and have used whichever colour relative to the stripes

Only one block completed this week, due to impending deadlines of abovementioned 2 quilts..

Block 41, Friendship star

No action at all:
Double wedding ring
Psycadelic tartan
Double diamonds
Which way to go
Dancing with the stars
Kimon mini
Sashiko qayg
Red and white challenge
Whirleygig II
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de de ede deded that's all follks


  1. I cannot believe how many projects you have on the go. I feel like a slacker now!

  2. pretty little baby quilt for sure :)


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