Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WIP Wednesday #6

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced, who despite being under the pump, is hosting WIP Wednesday again - thanks Lee.

 I missed out on doing this last week, so there's a couple of weeks worth of progress (and I say that loosely!)

The Farmers Wife and do.Good Stitches got a little work out

  The last 2 blocks are the Cherish Circle's do.Good Stitches for September.  We've just got the instructions for October so they're now added to my list.

I got my 3 Quilties made - just have to post them off to the US now - and I made a birthday gift for my nephew's girlfriend,


4 long-arm quilting commissions (yay, we can have bacon with our beans now!)
1 birthday gift
3 birthday cards

Quilts in Progress:

7 Farmers Wife blocks completed

No action at all:

Blanket Box Hexies - need lots more - but we're going camping next week and given these are hand pieced, I think I'll get a couple done
Double wedding ring - needs binding (and all by hand, so could be a while!)


Psychedelic tartan - who knows??
Double diamonds - still needs something......
Which way to go - needs quilting
Dancing with the stars - needs quilting
Kimono mini - needs binding
Sashiko qayg - needs finishing!
Red and white challenge - needs properly starting
Whirleygig II - needs quilting

Please click on Lee's "Freshley Pieced WIP wednesday" button on the right to see what others are up to


  1. Oh ur in Melbourne. Maybe I should bring my tops over to be quilted when I come next month!!! Love the red n white theme!

  2. Love the blocks in red and white!

  3. I love all the FW blocks in red and white, it looks really nice

  4. I think your FW blocks in red and white are amazing--so fresh and fun!

  5. I cannot believe how many things you have on the go!!!

  6. Wow! Great finishes! Your FW & do.Good blocks look terrific! Very pretty !

  7. This is terrific! You are one busy lady, and so fun to see all those red/white blocks lined up. I like the variety in the reds--but then I tend to like variety in all my fabrics. Your list of things done and things to do is impressive--I'd better catch up!

    Elizabeth E!


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