Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WIP Wednesday #5

I've hardly blogged this week - we've had a few family celebrations on and I've had a few deadlines - but I've got lots done.........


These have been blogged about here

I also made these.....

A new journal cover for me (it's opened out) - free motion quilting as well as some playing on an embroidery module - i'm testing a 2nd hand sewing machine with a view to buy and there's lots of features...

Boxy pouch prototype - it's a bit wonky so now houses some of my perle threads

A birthday gift for my ma-in-law - a (non-wonky) boxy pouch and a pair of house slippers to match

Quilts in progress:

Made 1 more hexagon:

No action at all:
Farmers wife
Double wedding ring
Psychedelic tartan
Double diamonds
Which way to go
Dancing with the stars
Kimon mini
Sashiko qayg
Red and white challenge
Whirleygig II
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  1. Love the little pouch! Congrats on the finishes. I'm jealous! And your hexie is so pretty!

  2. yay another aussie! come visit me on the west coast @ Cute finishes!

  3. I love those house shoes! They are really adorable!

  4. You've really been busy and have accomplished so much...very impressive. Love the journal cover...used to keep a journal always when we traveled. In fact, have been typing one up to put with pictures from a trip years ago. I think I'll swipe your creative idea and make a journal cover to put it in when I'm finished.

  5. Those are all great projects!


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