Thursday, 1 September 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

It's actually thursday afternoon - 1st September - which means it's the first day of spring and it's my sister's birthday (happy birthday Alison).

So, this week for WIP action:



Quilts in progress:

Another hexagon - now I have 10.

These are all drawn onto the fabric (using templates from the Blanket Box), the seam allowance marked and cut out with scissors.  They're then hand pieced - it's what I do when I join the ladies at the Stitch 'n' Chat group on wednesday mornings - saves me having to lug my sewing machine about - and I find I quite like doing it by hand.

Received more blocks for the Do.Good Stitches quilt (only 2 members outstanding now)

This is really looking lovely - I'll be machine quilting it on the Gammill - but I also bought a beautiful variegated thread in pink and grey so it'll have a little hand quilting too.

Remade the Farmer's Wife Block 37 that I wasn't happy with, then went on to make 3 more.  This means I now have 40 blocks completed - only 71 to go!!!!

Started - completed the quilt top for my niece - we're going to her baby shower next week so have to have this quilted, bound and labelled by next week - easy!!!!! (Gulp..........)

This turned out nothing like I first envisioned - and drew up in my's based around the gorgeous 'Goo goo socks' by Alexander Henry and I originally thought I'd use a lot more of it - but it was a bit too cluttered so I added another couple of prints (no idea what they are!) - I had already planned on using the solids, small dots and the Drunkards Path blocks.  I think a little straight line quilting (my absolute new favorite) and some selective hand quilting will really set this off.

No action at all:

Double wedding ring
Psycadelic tartan
Double diamonds
Which way to go
Dancing with the stars
Kimon mini
Sashiko qayg
Red and white challenge
Whirleygig II

Go see what everyone else is up to on host Lee's blog....

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - I am so pleased to have made you smile! I love your Farmer's Wife quilt - the red and white theme is inspirational and really ties it all together. It also makes me think of old fashioned red on white samplers.

    Pomona x


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