Friday, 16 September 2011

A little bit of what you fancy..........

I actually sat down yesterday and made three Farmers Wife blocks - numbers 42-44.  There was a basket (yes, another one and number 45 is yet another one - think I'm a bit over the baskets), a garden path and a gentleman's fancy - not sure why this block is called gentlemans fancy - there's not a great deal to it...

Here's the Block 42, Fruit Basket up close - it looks wonky but it's not in real life - the points didn't turn out too badly and there wasn't any unsewing - although up close I can see the basket base is off kilter - I'm going to say that at one stage, the Farmers kids knocked it over and broke it and had to glue it back together - unfortunately, it's a bit NQR.

The next one, Block 43, Garden Path - I got a little fancy-schmancy with this one and fussy cut the 'paths' - again, a little bit wonky (but not as bad as how the photo is showing - it - need some photography skills obviously!) so I'm going with the paths were affected by flood waters from the swollen creek in the far paddock, and last, but by no means least....

Block 44, Gentlemans Fancy - this was foundation pieced so is the most accurate of the lot - still can't see what's fancy about this one - anyone any idea?

The next block to be made is the Grape basket - same as the Fruit basket but with a different stand - and I just couldn't bring myself to make it yesterday - maybe next week.  So, 44 down and 67 to go - here's hoping the grape basket is the last of its' kind....................

How's your Farmers Wife coming along?


  1. I used some of that red & white polkadot on one of my FWQAL blocks today! I'm really loving your red and white theme crisp and lovely. I've just completed blocks 21 & 22, so not quite up-to-date with the rest of the group...but I'm ok with that :)

  2. Oh, you have made twice as many as I have. In my defence the Farmer and I are in family councilling right now so are taking things one day at a time. I love your red and white theme. And your aim to make them all. I am so not that ambitious. If I get to 40 or 50 that will be a miracle! Good on you!

  3. Love these blocks in red and White, they look fab

  4. I love that you are doing these blocks in red and white. The mosiac you posted with them laid out in FW order is terrific.


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