Saturday, 17 September 2011

My new go-to gift

Loving making these little pouches - I've tried the lined one (too fussy and the finish wasn't as professional as I like), the batting plus interfacing one (sewing machine almost turned up its' toes) and now this one - not lined, but finished with zigzag along the edges (and I really should get out the overlocker - that'd be even more finished), a good weight canvas outer fabric and a heavy interfacing inside - holds its' shape well and looks just ducky (har har!!) - I stamped it as well and gave it to my nephew's girlfriend for her birthday, filled with some nice smellies for a bit of pampering.  This pouch is defo on the 'to sell' list...............


  1. Love it's boxy shape and that it keeps its shape. Looks great.

  2. Cute little pouch. Am confused, what do you mean I'm a no reply blogger? I receive and return all blog comments.

  3. Hi Sandy – I’m not being rude – it just means that your email address doesn’t show up in the email that is instigated when you make a comment – so I can’t hit ‘reply’. It’s to do with your profile in blogger - you just need to agree to show your email address.

    Your email address shows up as “”


  4. That's lovely Kay - you'll have to tell me how you get it to stand 'box shaped' like that. Love the stamp ;o)


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