Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Omnitrix factor

My  great-nephew, Cam, is obsessed with Ben 10 (Cam is 4).  He brought round a whole posse of alien action figures and proceeded to tell me each of their names and what powers they had.  He then split them up into two groups - he gave four to me (2 of which are 'bad' aliens) and he had about 24  - all of his being 'Ultra' aliens with greater powers than the others. 

After discussing the merits of sharing, the aliens were redistributed and we then roughly had the same number (although the 'Ultra's' remained under Cam's control).  There ensued a 'fight' whereby all his aliens knocked out all mine - not much fun because of course I had all the rotten I suggested that perhaps instead of fighting, we could have a barbeque and all the aliens could get together and have a sausage sizzle and tomato sauce and a bit of a party.  This went down a treat - and even the two 'bad' aliens were allowed to join in the festivities  - I think it's because I gave one of them a scottish accent, a la Billy Connolly (without the swearing - he is only 4 after all!!) and the other one a kind of East End, Ray Winston twang - I also played on Cam's compassion with my Ray Winston alien whining about having no friends - I tell you, I should have been in the movies....anyway, we had a fabulous time at the 'barby' until it was time for Cam to go home.

During the course of the game, young Campbell decided I should make him a special bag to keep all his aliens safe, and it should have an Omnitrix on it so we could tell it was Ben 10, and it should have a zip in the the front to make it easy for him to get them in and out.  A sketch was duly completed in my journal (including a sketch of the Omnitrix), because this was where I wrote down my 'quilt things' (Cam had seen me write down info about his quilt previously)

Pretty basic - drawing isn't one of my strong points!

Young Campbell has an amazing memory  - and the first thing he said to me this morning when I saw him, was "Have you made the Omnitrix bag?"  Well, no, I hadn't, but he's coming over tomorrow to share lunch with all the family (it's fathers day and his mum's birthday, so all the Melbourne family on my side is coming for roast beef with the works - can't wait!) so I thought I'd best get cracking (even though there's a list a mile long BEFORE his Omnitrix bag)

Anway - some canvas, some webbing I've had for years, an old recycled zip, some heat and bond and his favourite orange robot fabric (initially used in his quilt) and, ta daaaaaaah, we have, the Omnitrix Bag....

A pocket at the front (with the all important Omnitrix) so he can store the Ben 10 book, and an adjustable strap

Robot aliens canvas - appropriate huh?

More robots inside
I also have a photo of my husband modelling the bag - and while I'm tempted to post it, I'd best not lest his reputation (in his own mind) as a big, bronzed Anzac be sullied.....


  1. I love it! I have two 7 year olds who could use one of these with some lego logo on the front. I am super impressed with your Ben 10 knowledge :)

  2. Hi just found you through lily quilts small blog meet up and have signed up to follow. I love the mosaic of all your WIPs


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