Thursday, 11 August 2011

Show and tell

I've been teaching some very crafty ladies the rudiments of patchwork and created a sampler quilt so we could work on foundation piecing, applique, HST's, cutting, pressing etc etc. 

One of these crafty ladies also happens to be my bff - and she has completed her quilt top.  It's absolutely stunning and the following photo simply does not do justice to the rich depth of colour that glows from this quilt...

Apologies for the rotten photo - it's nightime and I used the flash (and I probably should have edited out her toes!!)

My bff is currently piecing the back and is doing a little improv. stitchery with the scraps - she's also created the initials of the recipient (it almost looks like MWAH!!! - sealed with a kiss indeed)

Lucky Sparky.

It is amazing how different it looks from my sampler, seen here and also to our other classmates' (I'll post a photo of their quilts once they've finished piecing them.)  It's also amazing that this time last year my bff wasn't all that into quilts - really didn't like them at all - and I lurrrrrve that she's now as obsessed as I am with fabrics and blocks and all that other fabulously creative stuff - my evil plan has worked (heh, heh *smirk*, *smirk*)  - love you Miss Lizzie.

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