Thursday, 18 August 2011

Aimless, but now with a plan

I find that unless I have a specific goal in mind, and I get onto to it almost straight away, then I usually achieve it, plus more....but if I have something I want to do and can't start it (for whatever reason), then I become sort of, like this.....

However, once in a while I take stock - and spurred on by the WIP wednesday hosted by Lee at Freshley Pieced, I've decided to join the ranks - and first things first, what am I looking at??

In progress:
  1. Double Wedding Ring - hand pieced and quilted - now needs binding
  2. Double Diamond - not sure what to do with this - it's only about 45" square and has been on the go since at least 2008
  3. Blanket Box Hexagons - hand piecing, and just started (not related to Lynne's of Lily's Quilts Hexalong, but I can see we were both inspired by the same quilt - Broderie's Candied Hexagons)
  4. Which Way To Go - batik medallion - all pieced, needs to be quilted
  5. Dancing With The Stars - this was a bom through stitchin' heaven in Texas, USA, all pieced, needs to be quilted
  6. Kimono Mini - needs binding
  7. Cam's Ispy - needs to be quilted, but I do have this loaded and ready to go on the Gammill
  8. Farmers Wife - stalled again - have 36 blocks made
  9. Sashiko qayg - have about 12 blocks made but need at least 24 for a halfway decent size
  10. do.good.stitches cherish circle quilt - currently have 6 blocks and waiting on remaining 14, then it'll need putting together and quilted by 10th september
  11. red and white challenge blocks - I have 4 blocks but need a lot more
  12. hand dyed convergence piece - not sure what to do with this - i just started playing with my hand-dyed fabric one evening
  13. Whirleygig II - this was put together after finding I had quite a few patches leftover from the whirleygig quilt I completed last year - it's not all that big so probably needs a border or 2, before quilting and binding

To be made (cos I have the fabric and notions):
  1. pouches - need to make many, all different sizes, for sale
  2. soft baskets - same as pouches
  3. other stuff for sale - yet to determine exactly what that means
  4. baby quilt - for neice who is expecting a baby - want to do Drunkards Path but haven't got the templates yet - and it'll need to be completed by 10th September (arrrrrrgh)
  5. quilt artistry quilt - from the genius of Yoshiko Jinzenji
  6. new york beauty - using thai silk
  7. layer cake quilt - I have 2 layer cakes, just sitting there, looking at me
  8. shirt - I bought chambray last year for a long, casual shirt...
  9. skirt, using fabulous pieces I bought from Kelani's at the Melbourne show
  10. pants - although might have to hold off on these - the fabric I bought is a tartan and completely unsuitable for our upcoming summer
  11. slippers for my ma-in-law's birthday by 18th September
Here's a mosaic of some of my Works in progress

1. sashiko qayg, 2. cam's I spy in full, 3. Dancing with the stars, 4. Playing, 5. Which way to go, 6. red and white challenge, 7. do.good.stitches cherish quilt, 8. double wedding ring, 9. blanket box hexies, 10. whirleygig II, 11. double diamonds, 12. cam's I spy
 So - unless something really urgent comes up, I'm going to complete the items on this list first - especially those with deadlines!

and I'll save what I've completed this year for another post

WIP - 13
Stuff to be made - 4,356,692

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  1. Oh WOW. Good thing you made a list! :-)
    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! Good luck on all these great projects!


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