Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Just stuff

It feels like I haven't done a great deal of sewing since my last post - but thinking back there's no wonder.

On saturday I spent most of the day with 4 very talented women - they completed a textiles uni course together about 12 years ago and get together about once a month - I felt quite priveleged to be invited - we had a lot of fun with many, many different dyes and the cram-jar method (stuffing fabric into a jar, adding a dye and some soda ash solution, then stuffing more fabric in the jar, then another colour, until the jar is full).  Some of the results were a bit ordinary so we just overdyed them.  Apart from discussing the dyes, all of the ladies are very talented and I learnt a lot about their work - from fabric manipulation to doll making and quilt making, both traditional and modern.  I was very happy to be invited to their next session next month, especially as it's going to be a show and tell and I will be able to see more of their work.

We had a wonderful day at the farm for Stella's birthday - the sun shone (very surprisingly for Melbourne just lately!) - lots of animals to see and pet.  My favourite bit was when Campbell (Stella's big brother) encountered a rather feisty kid - it reared up on it's back legs and Campbell's face was an absolute picture - he was very brave though and petted quite a few animals - he said his favourite bit was when the goat and the calf tried to eat my dress - I can't say I was all that impressed with animal goz on me, but all in all, a fabulous day.

Monday was spent babysitting - and I was exhausted by monday night!  Today was all about cleaning, mopping and ironing - bleugh.  I did however also properly research information about a Diploma in Textiles and it looks like what I'm after - 3 years part time - unfortunately the open day for that school is the same day we're out for a celebratory 50th birthday lunch, so I'll have to get appropriate info later.

This evening I have been able to start piecing the backing for Campbell's I spy quilt (I promised him I would have the quilt finished this week so I'll have to get cracking) and I also made a prototype pouch which will become stock for the markets (or Etsy - haven't decided my distribution as yet).

So no photos - just stuff

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