Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hangin' with my peeps

Is the abovementioned title just a little bit bit sad being written by a mature woman??  My son is rolling his eyes, but I don't think I care - I find it very amusing and it aptly describes how we spent yesterday.....

My SIL came over to use the Gammill - she's made a really pretty quilt top for her mum for her birthday (my ma-in-law, and I still haven't made her gift yet...) and wanted to get it quilted.....

Robyn just sewing in a couple of threads after quilting
Then my bff finished piecing the back of her sampler and we loaded that one too

Lizzy having a bit of a meander
Unfortunately she had the same issues as I usually do with 'stitch in the ditch' so there was a bit of unquilting in front of the telly later, whilst watching 'Limitless' (not a bad movie), followed by what must be the worst movie ever made (and I've watched some stinkers) - I won't say what it was called because you just never know - but O.M.G. - it was filled with oddly timed close-ups (reminiscent of those awful daytime soaps), an amateurish and predictable script and terrible staging.  The DVD cover was so promising too - and we watched it to the bitter end, hoping against hope that it would get better - it didn't!  Ah well, it created a lot of amusing commentary...........

I made pea and prawn risotto for dinner followed by chocolate or butterscotch self saucing pud with cream or ice-cream (or both - Weiss vanilla bean or Ben & Jerry's chocolate cookie dough - mmm) contributed by excellent saturday all round really.

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