Friday, 1 July 2011


This is the 3rd time I've attempted to post - hopefully this one works....

First thing, it's been 1 year since my diagnosis and subsequent surgery for breast cancer - and on wednesday I had a mammogram and ultrasound - and I'm very happy to report, there's nothing to report - onwards and upwards......

This week has, looking back on it, been quite busy, for one reason or another.  Last weekend, my husband, sister and I went up to Brisbane to visit my gorgeous brother and his family - and to deliver a quilt I made for them.  The quilt went down a treat and i hope it keeps them as warm as they made us feel - we had a fabulous time and were sorry to leave....wish we lived closer.

Charm Stars - for my brother and SIL - pattern from the Moda Bakehouse
The sampler quilt top that's been hanging around for a while has now been 'bordered' and is ready for quilting - think I might put this on the long-arm and do some hand quilting to highlight - I bought some gorgeous green Perle no. 8 thread for hand quilting and it should look good:

This sampler is the one I designed to teach the rudiments of patchwork and quilting to my bff, niece and her friend - and they're all hooked!!  They've all used very different colourways and they're doing a great job - if they let me, I'll post pictures after the next class.

As mentioned before, I've been hand quilting my DWR in front of the tennis (go Andy Murray!) and this is the pattern I'm using in the middle of the rings - I've also stitched in the ditch around all the rings and melons.  Not sure what to do in the melons as yet, but I've got time to work that out:

I also managed to get the next 2 FWQA blocks done - only 2 this week, but that's ok, 'specially as I had issues!!:

L. Century of progress - foundation pieced
R. Cats and mice - issues!!
 I was supposed to make 4 x 2" 1/4 square triangles for the cats and mice block - but somehow, I ended up with 8 x 1" 1/4 square triangles - obviously need to check my maths BEFORE cutting out..

Also finished a couple of quick projects - practical projects and it's so good to start and finish something within a couple of hours now and again:

Thread bucket
This little bucket hangs off the window winder next to my sewing machine - and hopefully it'll mean all the threads I cut off won't find their way onto the floor and consequently, onto the next quilt!

...and a tea cosy - cos I'm British!!

I'm sure there's lots I've forgotten to write about - but there you have it for this post - til next time....


  1. Everything looks fabulous Kay - especially love the tea cosy :-)

  2. Wow--you've been busy. I love the quilt you gave to your brother and his family, but then I'm a sucker for stars any day. And the rest of the post is inspiring--I'd better get going!



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