Thursday, 28 July 2011

do.Good Stitches

As you can see from the new button on the right, I've recently joined do.Good Stitches, a virtual Charity Quilting Bee, initiated by the talented Rachel of  Stitched in Color.  This Charity Bee predominantly services charities in the US, but as I'm the first leader in Oz, the quilts our circle makes (our circle is called Cherish) will benefit folks here in Australia (well, except for a couple a year, which will benefit Project Linus in the UK as we have a couple of members from the UK).  We will all contribute to a quilt a month and the quilts destined for Oz will be distributed by the tireless Janice from Needy Stitches - so it's a bit exciting - we're starting our first quilt in August and I have to come up with a design and colour palette.......

There are two levels of contribution - 'Quilters' take it in turn to decide on the quilt pattern and colour palette of the quilt to be made.  Everyone in the circle makes a couple of blocks as per instructions and sends them to the Quilter.  The Quilter is then responsible for joining the blocks together, creating the completed quilt and sending it to the nominated charity.  The other level of contribution is the 'Stitchers'.  'Stitchers' simply make the blocks each month as requested by the rostered 'Quilter'.

We are currently short a 'Quilter' member - so if you're up for it, please complete the application form you can find on Flickr asap.

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