Thursday, 14 July 2011

WIP Wednesday

We had a scheduled electricity outage today, so not a lot of sewing done - but, there has been a fair amount of activity since the last post:

My bff finished all her blocks for her sampler quilt - rich and sumptuous japanese prints and beautifully stitched - this was the last photo before it was packed up for the night (and after several block moves to get just the right layout!)  Well done bff - very, very gorgeous and your Sparky is a very, very lucky boy...

I created this in EQ6 to keep track of the FWQA blocks I've made so far (and haven't got any new ones to show as I didn't get any done this week)

I finished and sent off 2 of these Shoofly blocks for a Red and White challenge, issued by Elizabeth - these were finally completed after a disaster concerning a small child and a very muddy dog which meant an emergency dispatch of new fabric from the USA - but that's a whole other story....

I dyed a rainbow of fat quarters - don't you just love how the sun is shining through the pots?  Just like a stained glass window - and given we've been subjected to a great deal of rain and wind, the sun was a very welcome sight

I made some triangular pouches - can't say who they're for because I just posted them off today......when I opened the zips, they reminded me of little birds in the nest - so searched out this twig wreath and attempted a little arty farty photography - perhaps I should stick to sewing????

Once the electrickery came back on, I loaded my sampler quilt (same pattern as the one my bff made at the top of this post) onto Gertie (the long-arm Gammill) and started quilting - had to stop when my stitch in the ditch started to become stitch everywhere else but the ditch....

and finally, Buster and Antonio enjoying a little rest time....Buster is the (ex-muddy) dog and Antonio, the cat (whom I wanted to call Zorro, but that too, is another story) have a reasonably friendly relationship but it is unusual for them to lie down together - usually the cat baits the dog until the dog moves...

...............and now it's very late Downunder, so it's time for bed - au revoir

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  1. I'm looking forward to getting these blocks! (Your post is making me so excited!)

    Your whole post is amazing--dying fabric, working E6 software, running a Gammill, finishing a sampler quilt--whew! You amaze me.

    Elizabeth E.


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