Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Trial separation.......

Last week the farmer and I decided on a trial separation - well, I decided - he just wasn't doing it for me anymore, but, 24 blocks together says a lot about commitment, so thought I should give it another try.

I met him again down a Country Path - it was a little rocky in spots, but the end result was promising....

Block 24 Country Path

We thought a cup of tea was in order.......

Block 25 Cups and saucers
 Unfortunately, working together was not without difficulty and things began to deteriorate - cups and saucers were smashed (3 of them - what a rotten block - in the end I 'glued' one back together and decided it would do!) and in the melee, the cut glass dish was also smashed (made this one 3 times too - damn those teeny tiny HST's!)

Block 26 Cut glass dish
The confusion was so intense, it caused birds to dart about around the kitchen...
Block 27 Darting birds
and it was this that helped me to re-focus and get back on track.

So, here's the progress card so far:

In my heart I'm determined to see this one through - right down to the last of the 111 blocks required, plus sashing and cornerstones - but I have a feeling that there may be other 'trial' separations to come - after all, variety is the spice of life.....

Please note, humour's reputation was in absolutely no danger due to the contents of the post - it was funnier in my head - honest!!


  1. Your blocks look wonderful, but I am starting to doubt my intent to get started on this project. I bought the book while on vacation and was going to get started this week, but.... I keep hearing of strugles... even funny ones

  2. cute! (the blocks and the post) I'm sure once we've all completed our quilts, the (how many???) triangles and tribulations will not matter so much. the red and white is really nice, so don't lose the farmer's phone number just yet!

  3. I like your reds and whites. I am sure you and the farmer can work it out.

    I just ordered the book, still not sure when I will actually start the quilt, but at least I will have a copy of the book, LOL!

  4. I love how country path turned out!

  5. Love the red and white! Your blog post was so funny I almost wet my pants. I had a really hard time this week with some blocks I made with the templates. I found my problem and fixed it so I think I will be back on track now but I'm sure a few trial separations will come up for me and this farmer too. Love the chart you have at the bottom to track your blocks. Can you share how you did it? I'd love to be able to track my blocks like this.

  6. Thanks everyone:

    Diane - some of the blocks are a challenge but a good sort of challenge - there's lots of help available if you need it - and if you don't like one of the blocks, don't make it!! Enjoy your quilting!
    Donna - I think we have a new lease on life at the minute - have made another one!
    Kimberlee - indeed!!
    Candi - thank you - I was happy about this one but the next 2 did my head in! Luckily the next one (not yet blogged) turned out really well so it's encouraged me to do another...
    Greta - excellent - glad I made you laugh! Re the chart - I used Electric Quilt version 6 - a software package that's actually up to version 7 now - and all I did was import the photos I had taken for the Flikr group shots. If you don't have EQ, in the threads on Flikr you can find a couple of tick sheets that may suffic. Cheers


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