Sunday, 31 July 2011

Melbourne Quilt and Craft Fair excursion

Yesterday, my bff and I met my SIL at the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Fair to indulge in our collective love of all things quilty and fabricky.

No photo's (as this would be 'evidence' according to our respective spouses!) and we had a fabulous time:
  • we met the super talented and truly lovely Nicole Mallalieu and had a chat - my bff and SIL bought her book (You sew, girl) which Nicole kindly signed.  We also bought patterns, and bag bits, and interfacing - both Nicole and her sister were soooo helpful - it such a pleasure to spend time there
  • we visited The Scissor Man for templates - looking forward to playing with these
  • bought a curve master sewing foot from Punch with Judy - when I've had a play I'll blog about this (I'm going to make a Drunkards path block quilt for one of nieces who is expecting her first baby)
  • bought fabric from here and here and here and here and stop now.......
  • stopped for a bit of lunch
  • shopped a bit more
  • ogled the quilts
Bit pooped by time we got home - my bff stayed for dinner and my gorgeous husband made us Sate beef with rice and bok choy which we ate in front of the telly - a fantastic day all round really. 

Inspired to try some new things we saw - and some old things we haven't tried before.

Next year my bff and I have decided we'll do some of the workshops, maybe get a 2 day pass and stay in the City - what an excursion THAT will be!

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