Thursday, 23 June 2011

Just one more...........................

.............and then I'll step away from the rotary cutter.................or maybe not - I have gone nuts and made another 8 FWQA blocks - staying up quite late too - but there's a reason for staying up late - Wimbledon is on and I do love to watch the, routine is:  make a couple of FWQA blocks in my sewing room, then make a coffee, pick up my hand quilting project (Double wedding ring) and into the front room to watch the tennis - sorted (said in a dodgy London accent).

Here's the result of my labours so far:

L-R.  Bow tie, Broken dishes, Autumn tints, Basket,
Attic windows, Birds in the air, Box, Buckwheat,
Basket weave, Big dipper, Bouquet, Bat wing,
Calico puzzle, Buzzard's roost, Broken sugar bowl, Butterfly at the crossroads.

The names of the blocks are authentic (and very traditional) and some are easier to put together than others - there may have to be some remaking of some blocks, but then again, there's 111 of them all together so I may run out of enthusiasm by time I get to the last one!
There's over 450 crafty people that have signed up to do this quilt along and the sheer range of colours, fabrics and creativity is absolutely fabulous - pop into Flikr and check them out - absolutely awesome.

OK - have to go and pack - away for the weekend so ttfn.


  1. Your quilt is going to look amazing when its done. I love how you're keeping to one color.

  2. I love that you're doing the red/white combo. It will make such a striking combo!

  3. Hey lovely lady - you are going great guns with this blogging aren't you. Loving your quilt - I almost feel tempted to drag my stuff out but my scrapbooking calls me back again LOL. Hope you are well and happy - and yes you really do have the very best bff. Nikki xx

  4. These are beautiful! If you want to change the red/white challenge block to one of the blocks for your quilt, I don't mind a bitm but I'd recommend a 9-patch grid, so it will blend with the others.

    Love this!
    Elizabeth E.


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