Wednesday, 6 July 2011

PJ day

It's cold, wet and blustery here today - just the type of weather to bring on an attack of the miseries - so, I'm going to stay in my pj's, drink too much coffee and search out all the hidey holes where chocolate may lurk...
it's been like this for a few days now, which explains my (comfort) food choices - like the Cinnamon Sugar Pullapart bread from - and it was only after stuffing our faces that I noticed the recipe said to 'let rest for 30 mins' - it didn't get a chance!!! home made pizza - shared with fabulous friends we haven't seen for a while (and I turned into one of those ancient aunts who exclaim "look how much you've grown" to all the kids - although have to say, it's true - the kids HAVE grown since we saw them last!!) stew and dumplings...........and flavoured crisps.....gordon bennett, no wonder my bum looks big in this.....

I did manage to get some more creative things done this week - I dragged all the sashiko quilt doings into the front room, where the fire was lit (I lurrrve the open fire) and drew up a couple more blocks, ready for sewing (no pictures - will wait til they're actually sewed).  Also made a few more FWQA blocks - spent a wonderful sunday afternoon with my bff making our FWQA blocks but I forgot to take photos while she was here - next time. 

I was planning to only use my scrap fabrics once - but that's a bit impractical given there's 111 blocks and a requirement to use up to 5 different reds in one block - I just don't have that many reds:

From left back: Country farm, Contrary wife,
 front: Chequerboard, Corn and beans, Churn dash
 I had to make 3 Chequerboard's until I was happy with the finish, make 2 Country farms's and 2 Corn and beans - and even now I'm not happy with the lack of contrast in that one, but it was soooo fiddly I'm not in the right frame of mind to do it again - maybe when the sun comes out.......

Think I'd best go and do something physical - that'll shake off the miseries.............think the chook shed is just about to get a good clean out..........

til next time


  1. I think they all look great Kaye, I especially love your Contrary Wife. Your DWR in your last blog post is gorgeous - I love it!

  2. Drool, drool, drool. I LOVE that you are doing them in red and white! They all look great.

    And I envy you the wet, cool day. :)

  3. Thanks ladies - Michelle, the DWR is taking a while but I'm persevering because I love it too - it will defo have to stay at my house once it's done (although my neice has said I have to will it to her!!!)

    Hi Doll (sorry, I looked on your profile for your name!) - thankyou - looked at your blocks and love the red, aqua and white you've chosen for yours (really like your scrappy one too, but the r/a/w really resonates with me)Gorgeous


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