Saturday, 28 April 2012

Images from School 3 - LUSCIOUS FRUIT

The last of this series for tonight..................

The brief for this assignment was to chose a fruit and portray its lusciousness using textiles.  We had to bring in an actual piece of fruit and explore its form.  Now, at considerable risk (because my teacher will likely read this) I completely forgot to get a piece of fruit ready for the initial as I was running out of the house to jump into the car to go to school, I let the chooks out and spied the lemon I grabbed a lemon, thinking, "That'll do...."

Man, did I struggle with representing a luscious lemon (serves me right I guess!).......I played around with all sorts of stuff but nothing made me think, "Mmmmmmm, how luscious....."

So, I pondered, had a glass of wine, pondered a bit more and thought "What would make a lemon luscious?"  Lemon meringue pie? Lemon curd? Lemon cordial? Tequila?

Yep, Lick, Sip, Suck - works for me.......

So I created a Luscious Fruit Basket, with lemons, salt, a shot glass, instructions (on how to Lick, Sip, Suck like a pro!) and a bottle of Tequila.....

Lemons made from shaped and stuffed panne velvet and hand dyed fabric leaves - with a twig from the garden for the stalks.  A bag of 'salt' made from fabric I created with my printer espousing the virtues of the lemon.

Carol made a wallhanging from a stylised apple accompanied by shine and stitching - you can defo see why Eve had such a hard time (if you subscribe to that theory!)
Kristen created a gorgeous 3D fig, full of texture and colour
Margaret cleverly represented longans in this wall hanging
Many apologies to Carolyn, who created a couple of amazing cherries, and Sherryn who really thought outside the square to produce a handbag in the form of a dragon fruit - I didn't get a decent photo of these 2 pieces of work, so I can't show them tonight.

I'm in awe of the talent and skills of my classmates - I'm in splendiferously inspiring company.....


  1. Awesome! You made the lemons luscious. I nominated you for Liebster - check out my blog :)

  2. Ha, serves you right on the lemons, great interpretation though!

  3. Lemons and tequila, great pairing!


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