Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A weekend of quilty goodness

On the weekend I went to the Australian Quilting Convention - and I won a ticket to the Gala Dinner in saturday night, courtesy of the very generous (and very lovely) Cecile of Unique Stitching - so my weekend was filled with lots of quilty goodness!

Now despite me telling myself I really DON'T need any more fabric (especially as the Tokyo Rococo range arrived and I have to make up some quilt kits...), I simply couldn't resist this little bundle...

Some Transfer Artist Paper for my arty farty endeavours, a jelly roll of Half Moon Modern, a layer cake of Malka Dubrawsky's Metro and a little assortment of fat quarters that caught my eye...

Gawd knows when I'll get a chance to make any of these up - I've still to finish an Occupational Health and Safety report (almost there), an autumnal hand stitcheries for a mini exhibition at school (almost there), a bowl of lucious fabric lemons (only just started) as well as organise a family get-together to celebrate my eldest son getting engaged - CONGRATULATIONS ADAM AND DANA  :)

....oh, and my husband and I (with a Queenly wave) are celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss (??!!?) today - happy anniversary dear!

I'll do a seperate post on some of the photos I took of the AQC - gordon bennett there is a lot of talent out there.


  1. Quilt conventions. Bliss! And a very happy anniversary to you, plus a wedding to look forward to in the future. Yay!

  2. Congratulations on your wedded bliss and to your son and daughter in law to be.
    I would have loved to have gone to the AQC but alas no time. Maybe next year.

  3. Double Congrats!
    It's all happening at your place! Enjoy!

  4. Yay 30 years! Wow :) and an engagement! Lovely quilty stuff too!

  5. Happy anniversary!
    Sounds like you had a great time at AQC. I look forward to your next post telling us all about it. And I'm glad you weren't too good and brought something home with you :)

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Shocking. And another shout out to your son and his bride to be ! It's all go at your place.

    Do any of us actually NEED more fabric. Probably not ...but wow ..its fun buying stuff for projects that are yet to be thought of.

  7. Just a wee pile there ;o) Happy anniversary! I think you can get the night off from all your homework to celebrate :oD


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