Tuesday, 3 April 2012

arty folio cover

I feel I should be wearing red lippy and saying 'yar, yar' a lot - I've got my 'arty' on and finished my folio cover for school - it's a bit late (should have been handed in last week) but apparently arty types don't run to schedules very well - suits me to a 'T' then ;)

The folio cover started with this frighful 'still life' rendition (explained here)....

and ended up as this:

there's a bit of 3D with the gerbera on the right....

a little FMQing....

and it even stands up....

I've recorded my process and included references to the elements and principles of design, as instructed - that's all inside the folio in presentation order - so that can be crossed off my list.......next item on the agenda is a 'Lucious Lemon' out of panne velvet and some stuffing - hmm - think I might go and pack some more of the camper trailer and cogitate a while...


  1. I think it turned out brilliantly. Loved watching the process from concept to creation. Go Girl!

    We're heading away for the weekend too!

  2. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing the lemon...

  3. It looks great, loved seeing your process. The lemon sounds really interesting, looking forward to seeing what eventuates.

  4. That is so cool! I've made a yoga mat bag but have never thought of a folio cover!

  5. Wow, even though I've followed your process, the jump from start to finish is still *shocking* as fitting for someone whose named their blog Shocking Hocking. I love that you were able to cross something of the ToDo list--such a nice feeling, isn't it??

  6. I saw your blog on the Name Game this morning and had to pop over and check it out. It is a wonderful blog and you do beautiful work.

  7. So fun to find you on the name game! Lovely projects and very interesting to see your project in process!


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