Saturday, 28 April 2012

Images from school 2 - FOLIO COVER

The brief for this next piece, the Folio Cover, directed us to create a Folio Cover based on a drawing, or part thereof, we had completed in our Art Class.

I already blogged about mine here.

Here's a few more....

In one of our art classes, we covered a piece of paper with charcoal and then used a kneadable eraser to lift off the colour and reveal the highlights - which as we worked, revealed the form of the still life subject - Margaret used White King (a domestic household bleach) on black homespun in a similar way - you can see the shape of the bottles as well as a plant on the left. Brilliant

Sherryn cropped one of her charcoal drawings and the resultant image reminded her of a waterfall - so this is how she interpreted that - lots of FMQing and colour - my photography simply doesn't do it justice (sorry Sherryn!)
Kristen chose to use an image she created in relation to the 'Lucious Fruit' assignment.  The colours she used and the FMQ on the fig itself generated a vibrant cover
Carol also used a Lucious Fruit drawing, depicting a beautiful apple.  She cleverly used a serviette to create the background as well as various other stitching, fabric and buttons to introduce interest and texture.
Carolyn used one of her photos, rather than her drawings - *gasp* - and created this rather fabulous seagull (not 2 words I would ever expect to put together in one sentence!!).  The colours (silk, paint, thread) are beautifully vibrant and portrays the sea magnificently
.......and on to the last of this series in a day........


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