Friday, 27 April 2012

Images from school 1 - SEASONS

After madly stitching, ignoring kith and kin, and dust bunnies, and sleep, and hmmmmming and hawing about whether we'd captured what we intended to, and whether we'd executed our stitches well, and whether we had truly represented our chosen subjects, we presented our pieces to our teachers for a mini exhibition in our school library.......and some of my classmates agreed to share their pieces on my blog.........except they don't know of my photography 'skills' so if all of a sudden you see 'photo unavailable', you know why......

The 3 pieces up for assessment were:
  • 'Seasons' - a stitched representation of one of the seasons
  • 'Folio Cover' - a textile folder cover based on any of our drawings (or part thereof) in our art class
  • 'Lucious Fruit' - a textile representation of lucious fruit

Lots of photos, so enjoy.....except Blogger is taking umbrage with the number of photos so I'll do a couple of posts.......

Carol has captured summer in her back garden beautifully - from the soft tones of the painted background to the glorious floral display next to the pool - so well in fact that I might have to cajole her into sharing that space for a class barby under the umbrella next summer :)
From one extreme to the other - Sherryn introduced a touch of frosty storms to her stitching - love the use of the chain stitch which insinuates roiling clouds as well as the straight stitch and french knots blowing in snowflakes and sleety rain
Margaret's piece was full of the joys of Spring - warm and balmy but tempered by a capricious wind
Kristen gave us the lazy, hazy days of summer with a beautifully (french) knotted blossom tree and a carefree swing - and a perfectly poised dragonfly amongst the flowers
Carolyn depicted Spring bursting out all over - fresh green, birdies and a gorgeously wrought tree
This is mine, representing Autumn - a grape vine in front of what kinda looks like Uluru (Ayers Rock) with falling leaves turning into a brown mush beneath the branches
More to follow, over.......


  1. Love the range of interpretations, especially the one with the swing

  2. Wonderful range of interpretations, looking forward to the rest.


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