Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stitching day

Busy weekend just gone - I spent Saturday in the company of new friends, Sunday morning in the company of old friends at a Christening - and Sunday afternoon on the couch having a nanna nap in front of the fire....

Cathy, of Cabbage Quilts, had a sewing day at her house (I missed the first one) so I got to put a couple of faces to names and meet some more lovely people....

Miriam of Yellow Roses, Chris of A little bit of Chris, a little bit of....., Michelle of The Quilted Tortoise, Kathy, Deb and we were joined later by Bronwyn of Whippet Good and Emma from Treehouse Textiles.

We had a wonderful day - much show and tell (no photos of anyone elses work - forgot my camera but Miriam has some photos on her blog...), much chat and eating sublime meringues and macaroons and before we knew it, it was 5.30pm and time to go home....the intent is to meet regularly to spread a little quilty/crafty love - so looking forward to it - it's fantastic to have more quilty friends close to home to share our collective passion about our craft.

I finished a quilt.....this will go into either Etsy or Madeit just as soon as I've priced it....

mix of fabrics from dear stella, lark, amy butler, michale miller, etc etc - must take another photo as this one doesn't do it justice...organic machine quilted straight lines
the back - it's a decent size - 62" x 72" and there's a few hand stitched lines too, in grey perle thread
I've also finished the machine quilting on this next one (this one is a gift for a very special person) and have started the hand quilting - its going to take me a while....

Now, must go and create the Project of the Month handout for my classes - it's Quilt Labels this month so I've made a few using different methods......everyone should put a label on their quilts :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend :) do love your yellow And grey quilt ....I must finish the one I started for myself....

  2. It was soooo wonderful to finally meet you Kay, I cannot wait to do it again soon. Your quilts are divine!! xo

  3. Love the grey quilt. Very pretty and restful looking. I would think that would sell quickly.

  4. Whew, 2 whole finishes in a week, are you feeling okay? ;o)

  5. Was such a fab day - was great to spend the day with some "real life" sewing friends!

  6. Ooh La la ! I love both those quilts.

    I agree with you. Time spent with real life quilty friends is always fun.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, especially the nanna nap. Someone else I know loves her nanna naps, lol.
    Both your quilts are really lovely.

  8. Kay--your French General quilt is so beautiful! I popped over to Cabbage Quilts and saw both of your creations, and read her post (jealous that you get to know her--I'm such a fan of hers too!). I'm just starting cutting out of my Fr. Gen. fabric for a quilt for a gift, so yours will be inspiration to get going and get-it-done!

    Again--lovely quilts. Congratulations on getting them done!


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