Thursday, 9 June 2011

WIP Wednesday - (although it's Thursday in Oz, so the date above is a bit misleading)

Another cold and wet day on the Peninsula and sooooo much nicer inside playing with fabrics and thread....

This week I joined the Farmers Wife Quilt Along (FWQA) with  Angela   and Amanda , and lots of other very clever and creative people -  and I've completed my first two blocks.  We have to make 2 a week and given there's 111 of them, this will take a while.  The one on the left is Attic Windows and the one on the right, Autumn Tints.  I had been talking to my bff about making the Dear Jane quilt together - but I'm thinking we can do this instead (sorry bff - will talk to you about it on the weekend!!).  I'm going with red (my favourite colour) with a creamy vanilla solid to be incorporated in each one and I'm hoping it will make a good sized dint in my stash.

I've justified starting a new project by convincing myself that as I'm hand quilting the DWR, it's as good as finished (even though it'll likely take another year to be completely finished) and it wouldn't be fair to deny myself the opportunity provided by the wonderful ladies hosting the aforementioned quilt along (works for me!!)  I have been quilting along - fingers looking like pincushions - so reviewed my decision to not use thimbles and after being shown by an expert, will try again.

I've also been continuing with a Sashiko Quilt-as-you go class - it's not true sashiko because it's done on the sewing machine, using upholstery thread - but you get the general drift - and funnily enough, I've chosen red for this project too......

The line you can see in the top left corner of the photo is where I'm joining the blocks - so only 2 joined but I want to get a few more made so I can try a few combinations first.  I'm also adding a little applique into some of the blocks, which adds interest - I think this is going to be a really striking quilt.

Lastly, I added the appley green border to my sampler quilt - but have to say, not loving it.

I'm waiting on delivery of the Amy Butler fabric I'll be using as the final border so I'll wait to see how that looks before I decide whether to rip the appley green border off.

Okey dokey - that's it for today - oooh, except on Monday, I had my weekly Scrabble session with my sister - and it was one of those days - I had 7 seven letter words, 3 in one game and got them all oon the board except one - so needless to say, I blitzed it!!!  Sorry sister (hee hee - we're pretty even but I do like to rub it in when I win!!)

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