Sunday, 19 June 2011

Family and friends

Just spent a wonderful few days with my most favourite people and I am basking in the warm and fuzzy glow you get when you spend time with people who 'get' you.  Last week I packed a small overnighter and joined my bff, house and cat sitting for a friend.  We had a fabulous time - went to the movies, went out for breakfast (deliciously decadent!), did some shopping (I'll show and tell later) and generally pottered about.  It was all sooooo easy and I am a very, very lucky woman to have a bff like her - she always makes me feel I'm alright, that who I am is ok - and I love her to bits.

Next, we donned fancy dress and went off to a party on saturday night.  It had to be something beginning with L, for the birthday girl, so I went as Lady of the Lake (which I had to keep explaining!), my husband went as a lieutenant, my bff went as a labourer and her partner went as a linebacker.  What a fabulous party - danced my socks off - and didn't get home toooo late.

Then today, my side of the family gathered at our house to celebrate my husbands' birthday - I just love it when we all get together - it's noisy, but it's the best type of noise - the noise of a family creating more 'ties that bind' - just love, love, love it.  So I've loaded the last of the dishes in the dishwasher, washed the stuff that won't fit in and I'm enjoying a coffee while catching up the blog.....and smiling to myself.

So.....other things to share.  Before I went away last week, I made a few more FWQA blocks - it's soooo addictive - like chocolate - just one more......and I got another 4 done, so have now completed 8.

8 down, 103 to go........

I also spent time with my sister before I went, at our weekly Scrabble session - and of course, after skiting about my sensational hands the week before, I kept picking up rotten letters and I was positively trounced.  My sister said that I wouldn't mention this fact on my blog - so there you are gorgeous, enjoy your win!!

As mentioned above, did some shopping - we went the long way home and called into a couple of patchwork shops that I'd heard about but hadn't been to - the first one,  Patchwork House in Hawthorn, has a wonderful, fresh feel as soon as you walk through the door and the lovely staff couldn't have been more helpful.  I bought some Liberty fabrics to add to my collection and also this beautiful 100% organic fabric.....

Nature Walk - Grove in Straw by Cloud9 Fabrics

The camera hasn't done anything for the colour - trust me - it's gorgeous - and the fabric is so soft - feels like an old and well loved flannel shirt.

Next stop was Amitie in East Bentleigh - what a feast for the eyes - the range of fabrics was just sensational and the staff very, very friendly - I wanted everything!!!  In the end, and trying to be disciplined, I purchased the makings of a quilt for one of my nieces who is expecting her first baby.  This gorgeous print, 'goo goo socks' from Alexander Henry, and a few toning solids will be cut into circles and stitched down onto the appropriate sized blocks (likely cream or white - whatever looks right with the print).  I also bought some DMC threads to do some decorative hand quilting once it's together - maybe spirals, but then again, maybe echo quilting around the circles - not sure yet.

So, that's it for this post - time to have another coffee before calling it a night.

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  1. I really like that your FWQA is in a red/white theme. Frankly I never think that far ahead as to plan the "big picture" I just started to use up my scraps and practice lining up corners! It looks really pretty and yes, it's totally addicting!


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