Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WIP Wednesday

I really like reading where people are at in their creative endeavours - and it's a fabulous time line to review progress as you go along.  I don't know about anyone else but I have a memory like a sieve so any method available to help jog the grey matter is a good thing in my book. (a friend of mine said that at the end of the year, she prints out and binds all her blogs in a journal - loving this idea and one I'll happily pinch!)

So, without further ado, I have several things in progress and here's some of them......

Last Easter, my husband and I (with a queenly wave) packed up the camper trailer and trekked across Oz to WA.  Prior to going, I cut out all the doings to piece a Double Wedding Ring quilt (most of the fabric is Kaffe Fassett).  Given I usually machine piece, a hand pieced quilt was going to be a novelty and possibly a permanent UFO - I ended up making 3 melons while we were away (that's 3 of the eye like shapes). We had the best time - and on our return, I was diagnosed with breast cancer - so all of a sudden, I had time on my the point where I am now hand quilting (I usually use my long-arm to quilt, but this is hand pieced, so I thought it deserved to be hand quilted - and the long-arm certainly comes in handy to put all the layers together - sure beats grubbing about on the floor!).  So, this is one of the items in progress (it's lovely quilting in front of the fire now that winter is officially here).

The next thing.....

I'm a newbie at dyeing fabrics, and this is my 3rd bundle - these were dyed (with the help of my DIL) using red and turquoise.  I love them!!  The only problem is I love to look at them bundled together (I'm going to tie them with a ribbon later) and can't think about cutting into them.......but they are destined to become items for sale when I finally organise a stall at the Mornington market, so I'll have to grit my teeth - and obviously make them into something worth their glorious colour.

And the next thing (I'll stop at 3 - really, I am still amazed that I had time for paid, full-time work before BC........but nothing like a health scare to focus where your bliss is!!)

I finally found another green I can use around this little sampler - I didn't have enough of the other green I used for the sashing, so happy to say, after a trip to Spotlight (sale day!!) I can now complete the sashing, then add the final border - this is all Amy Butler fabric (not the solids) and I'm teaching some newly addicted quilty friends using these blocks.

I do have other things on the go, but this will do - actually, it explains why the house is a pigsty and the ironing has taken over the laundry.......................


  1. Katie H- you are a no reply blogger but I wanted to say...Thanks for the tips about sewing the rows together on your DWR quilt, that is a huge huge help! I must say yours looks just amazing, and that you hand pieced all of that? I can't even fathom, its just fabulous. Can't wait to see more of your projects!

  2. wow - I really love your quilts but I have to say I am drawn to the bundle of freshly died fabrics - yummy yum. Gosh you could so easily reignite the quilter in me Kate. xx


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