Thursday, 9 February 2012

WIP Wednesday and being just a little slack...

Not slack in the sense of sitting on my duff doing nothing, but slack in that I haven't done a lot of blog reading nor commenting this week.  Mostly this was because Telstra and I had a little contretemps - they insist that I exceeded my quota re broadband (which is horrendously expensive and SLOW in Oz) and reduced my connection speed to 64 bits per minute (or whatever the damned thing is) - a consequence of this is that the internet takes 10 mins to open pages and it completely gives up the ghost on my mailbox - a new billing month started yesterday so it's back up to speed - but I had a full day of teaching yesterday too (classes in the morning, afternoon and evening - BIG wednesdays during term times) so didn't get round to anything internet related....ooh, sound like a moan but really, just stating what's happened - and then the dog ate my homework....

Today, it's off to the sewing centre to find out why my new machine is giving me conniptions about FMQing, out for drinks tonight with friends and then tomorrow my course starts - phew!

So this is a very quick post of WIP's, a link to Lee's WIP Wednesday on Freshley Pieced, then it's off to the shower, get the laundry out and jump in the car..

This week I finished my Mouthy Stitches pouch..

Did some dyeing...

Made a couple of blocks for Quilts of Hope...

Made the February block for the Quilt Australia Bee..

Got one FWQA block done - Rainbow Flowers..

Started a new quilt (on my Winter/Summer Stitching list) which started out as a garden path block quilt, morphed into a Sanctuary Squares and then when I didn't like the look of either using the fabrics I have (the quilts I've linked are totally gorgeous - their colour and pattern combos totally work), morphed into this...

I think it needs a couple of more rows on the bottom - which will necessitate a trip to the shop for more grey solid (damn!!) and a bit more cutting out and sewing - any suggestions regarding layout etc will be gratefully received.

Then go and have a look at the other linkees - again, some seriously wonderful WIP's being whipped into shape out there (sorry about the lame joke!)


  1. That pouch looks fabulous! Love the pleated part (is that the right terminology?!)

    Loving your morphed quilt too. The colours are really lovely. Don't you hate when you run out of fabric? I'm just facing that now with one of mine. Frustrating!

  2. What meanies at Telstra! Great makes for the week anyway

  3. I just swooned a little when I saw that pouch! Omg, amazing!

  4. The quilt is looking great - I am in love with grey at the moment. Good luck tomorrow - make sure you take a hankie, an apple for the teacher, a sharp pencil and your sense of adventure! Will be waiting to hear all about it :)

  5. This post was WONDERFUL: loved the moaning about the internet hassles (Because I'm hopelessly addicted to the internet, I am completely at the mercy of my broadband company and so totally understand), and loved the description of the rush rush of school and all that this entails.

    Some weeks I get my personal quota of 10 comments on a WIP Wednesday. Other weeks I get mine posted and that's about it. So no worries if you have a light week--it will all balance out in the end.

    I love your Summer List start--all these block quilts seem to me to be echoes of the famous Josef Alber's work, so however yours turns out it will be wonderful (I've seen your work, and it is, truly wonderful).

    But I'm in awe the most over your Mouthy Stitches pouch--covet! Covet! That is just terrific. Really really terrific.

    Elizabeth E.

  6. Don't stress yourself. Blog writing and reading should be fun, not a chore. I am getting much better at clicking the 'Mark all as read' button when I get overwhelmed by life.

  7. OK, that pouch is seriously cool! Loving your gray project on the bottom, too. I hope your machine is behaving now! How frustrating to have problems with a new one.

  8. I am in love with that pouch and keep staring at it trying to work it out. So beautiful. I'm sure your partner will be thrilled. :)

  9. Looks great Katie! LOVE that pouch, so so cute, and your quilt is looking amazing, looove those colors together!

  10. your pouch is wonderful as are the other projects : )

  11. I love your pouch - would be great if it landed on my doormat!

  12. Love your pouch! Just mark all your blogs as read and start afresh next week!!

  13. Your pouch is too cute, really, really love it! I can relate to your being slack concerning blogreading and commenting. Sometimes it's the same with me: There are things in your daily life which eat up your attention and than you're so tired of all in the evening, you just want chill out a bit and be in peace.


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