Monday, 13 February 2012

What happens when your BFF decides today is the best day to clean out the sewing room....

We'd been talking about it for a while - it really was a disaster area - I couldn't find anything, I had to move piles of stuff out of the way sew with any freedom - but first we went on a big shopping day on saturday (oh, but the best kind, we went to The Quilters Patch at Shop 9, 3 Tuck Street Moorabbin and had a lovely chat with the owner - and bought a couple of things -  her shop is filled with a range of fabrics for all tastes - had a fantastic coffee and a divine vanilla slice at Sweet Lovers round the corner - the owner of that shop showed us a wedding cake he was ready to deliver and it was simply amazing - very talented fellow - then off to Amitie at 103A Gardenvale Rd, Gardenvale - their new premises - and bought too much stuff - and left a lot behind too! - then off to Mornington where my BFF treated me to a shirt and a frock for my birthday - how spoiled am I?? - , then we stopped for a bite to eat, then home....and into the sewing room....)

everytime I picked something up, fabric fell out from under.....

had to move all the tubs out into the other room so we could move

starting to make some sense of the fat quarters - it was either keep (so refold) or throw into a 'sell' pile

While the room isn't completely sorted out - there's magazines, dressmakers fabrics, patterns and other things to go through - I've been able to put the fabric away (I found a great shelf unit in the shed that used to be a mail-sorting unit from when I worked at HSBC many years ago - it needed a good clean and it's perfect for fat quarters),

the grey mailing unit fit perfectly into the shelving unit, width ways at least - serendipitous!

so now I can get to my fabric and I have a better less vague idea about what I have...thanks Miss Lizzie - wouldn't couldn't have done it without you!!!!!

tubs now only hold scraps, batiks, ufo's and pieces I'm 'playing' with or actively making

this lot is to be sorted and sold on line

still need to get in here and sort it out - but that's for another day
I have the Leutenegger man coming tomorrow to discuss my buying their fabrics and start selling them on-line - so I best go and hoover and dust the rest of the house, which has been sadly neglected and then (and only then) can I go and sew....


  1. Fabric envy here! And your own online fabric shop. Very exciting!

  2. Yay for fab friends and room cleaning interventions, sounds like you had great birthday spoiling too!

  3. Good for you! Happy Birthday too :) I must say that I don't feel near as unorganized, well at least I didn't with your 'before' I feel disorganized. That shelf is perfect!

  4. Congratulations on your work through that organizing task! Isn't it so much easier to be motivated by the help of a buddy? I so often could use a friend to get me done some things I like to procrastinate ;-)

  5. That's a HUGE job to tackle...hooray for friends that have the organising skill and motivation. May you create many lovely things as a result.

  6. What a great friend! Your sewing room is looking great! An on-line fabric shop sounds great, good luck!

  7. wow wow wow how much fabric do you have? As I was reading this post I was hearing you and your BFF laughing and carrying on a hoot as you shopped til you dropped and then sorted and folded - what a brilliant time you two must have had xxxx

  8. This post made me smile. And laugh! My room gets like that too in the summer, but I don't dare do that while I'm teaching as I'd never be able to find my students' papers. It's looking really great now--and for your next project, you'll find stuff easier!

    I love the view out your big window--I'd stand there and quilt all day long, if I had the time. So lovely.

    Elizabeth E.

  9. Happy belated birthday Kay!!! Sounds like a perfect birthday! I have to say the idea of tidying up someone else's sewing room sounds like much more fun than tidying your own! Have a great weekend mx

  10. OMG you're worse than me! But isn't it satisfying when it's all neat? :)

  11. Wow fab stash, hope your meeting with fabric man goes well.


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